“More exciting than discovering life on Mars”

“More exciting than discovering life on Mars” said Dr. Woodson Merrell, author of ‘The Arginine Solution’, regarding the discovery of arginine and nitric oxide. We couldn’t agree more! Nox Nutrients foundation is built upon the fantastically special “miracle molecule” nitric oxide. Two holistic minded entrepreneurs teamed up to launch Nox Nutrients and its flagship product M3 Miracle Molecule Max. Co-Founder, Dr. Jay Wilkins, ND, saw firsthand how nitric oxide nutrition can dramatically and positively impact our health. Scores of people have reported excellent results from taking M3. While nitric oxide is critical to our wellbeing other nutrients are important too. 

Best Nitric Oxide Products on the Market

“Our mission is to provide the best, most effective, and up to date nitric oxide products on the market”, says Dr. Jay, “but, we are not limited to just N.O. nutraceuticals. I have over 20 years of health and wellness experience. Most of that time spent in a clinical setting. Nox Nutrients has a robust line of high quality supplement offerings. These products couple my clinical experience with cutting edge health research. It’s important to me that other families have access to the same supplements my family takes.” Nox Nutrients core philosophy is that your body holds all the right molecules, hormones and chemistry for you to enjoy optimal health & wellbeing. Our goal is help your body to maximize that innate ability!