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Heart health and stress are the two main reasons for doctor visits today. With Smart Pulse you can effectively measure arterial health (APG) and physical/emotional stress (HRV). Both APG and HRV are well established and recognized. It is completely non-invasive and inexpensive. With Smart Pulse you can test today, adjust your lifestyle with proper nutrition, relaxation, rest, breathing, etc, and test again later to see if there are any improvements!


Smart Pulse Features

  • Simple operation with one button
  • Compact size for easy travel
  • Convenient usage with a computer, phone or tablet
  • Results are easy to understand for both operator and client
  • Short measuring time (within 3 minutes)
  • Test results print out immediately following test. No waiting!
  • Results are stored to follow client history
  • Auto-recharging when connected to a PC
  • ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function test
  • Measurement of the minute change in heart beats (HRV)
  • Pressure change in the blood vessel
  • Some models (A Version) are Bluetooth compatible
  • Monitor results of suggested health program
  • Breathing exercise function (RSA)


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